In September 2018 The church began a study for growth on Wednesday nights and is seeking a proactive response from the church fellowship. It is respected that for many that attending reguarly on Wednesdays is problematic. The links on this site are to help such consider the input given at these meetings. We have drawn out some principles from the teaching we have had and we hope that the church will now be proactive in taking these principles forward.

These are Vision
1) Lost People get saved
2) Saved people get pastored
3) Pastored people to be discipled/trained
4) Discipled people get commissioned (Sent)

(Know God, Find freedom, Discover purpose, Make a Difference)

8 Keys
1 Have clarity of vision
2 Maintain solid structures that support Ministry (Finance/ Leadership)
3 Create systems that deliver the vision
(Weekend services, Small groups, Growth track, On board MinistryTeam)
4 Continually measure health
5 Focus on Culture because culture trumps everything.
Life giving environment ?
6 Empower leaders
(Stop recruiting start discovering  …youth ?)
7 Identify what is important right now
(What one thing if it got better would make the biggest difference?)
8 Win the battle in the spiritual place
(Set number of days of prayer & fasting twice a year)    

Please complete and return this form by 31st October 2018
To understand this  discussion please watch this video on the  following link

To understand the discussion on culture please watch this

To understand the discussion on VISION please watch this  (we watched it on 25tth October)
Outcome of  return of above form


PEOPLE FINDING SALVATION (Approx 27 sentiments regarding this 6 also counted under youth)
Souls getting saved (7)
People added to the church (6) (busy church) (a safe and secure environment for all)
Lives changed (5)
Family saved (1)
Those who come to Drop in get saved & come into the church. (2)
Those from Youth & Sunday school get saved (6)  (also repeat listed under “Youth”)

DISCIPLESHIP (Approx 21 sentiments regarding this)
Discipleship (6) (groups) (training in personal evangelism)
Development of prayer/spiritual lives of individuals (5) (God truly worshipped in his church in awe of god himself and not self seeking )
Working together in unity (4) (1 example sited 1 Peter 2 5-9)
Infilling of the Holy Spirit (3)
Commitment in members developed (3) (1 example sited example of Acts 2 v42) 
(People friendly /Christ centred

COMMUNITY (Approx 13 sentiments regarding this)
Church /Centre opened every day (1)
Community is reached (6) (with adaptations to meet community needs)
Community attracted / Building brightly lit up (1) (safe)
Ministry to old people (2)
Reach families from the local community (2)
Out of doors outreach (1) (Community drop in work extended outdoors) adjoining ground ?

YOUTH (Approx 13 sentiments regarding this 6 also counted under evangelism)
Those from Youth & Sunday school get saved (6) (see also under evangelism)
Church more inclusive for youth (2)
Youth social programme (2)
Youth attend the summer camps (2)
Crèche development (1) (Held in a back room.)

WORSHIP (Approx 6 sentiments regarding this)
Worship group (3) (small anointed group/ team)
More lively worship (2)
Choir (1) (Practice in Tesco?)

To Make The Church Better just now.

Church Ethos & Spiritual growth
Create discipleship groups
Develop understanding of worship and deepening of spiritual culture
Encourage members become supportive of existing ministry/ prayer meetings & to be filled with the Spirit of God
Engender more committed faithful people who will support the church
Facilitate and encourage more congregational commitment, attendance & involvement
Strive towards integrating the different groups who don’t worship together
Facilitate the church to grow people ministry and discover talents.

Community use for various groups lonely, elderly, youth crèche
Be open every day
Be open all week with longer hours to create a bigger footfall

More People Friendly Church
Take churchiness out of church to make it easier for those frightened to come to church
Make the evening service at a later time
Reposition seats so there is no blockage at the entrance
Tea and coffee after /before morning service
Mores visiting speakers
Brighten up the front of the church with lighting

Congregational Fellowship / Outings and Picnics, Breakfasts & lunches
Have an Alpha get together

Obtain a spirit filled worship leader
Worship Band established
Appoint an anointed worship leader and team
Preserve the heart of worship & songs which support this (old & new?)
Developed understanding of worship and deepening of spiritual culture

Bible knowledge
Create small groups for discipleship, friendships and fellowship and knowledge of the bible
Create honour and respect for the Bible
A Bible school (? Saturday morning)

Facilitate more proactive decision making and new people into the leadership team
Vison Document for Discussion  given by the pastor is below. NOTE: This documents is to consider systems
There are other active areas of the church yet to be devloped including suport of international missions, Gladstreams Trust charity development and church finance. Presently the church is also seeking for a new pastor.
The growth tract study completes in December 2018
The church sincerley appreciates those who have prayed and contibuted. Thank you

The outcome of the growth tract studies is that the church will look for people to head up groups and those interested in joining these groups and that a coordinated harmony of these groups to further church growth will follow.
Immediate development will begin in 2019 in 2 areas
1)  Outreach (subgroup Community Connect) to develop the building with Church Mainteneance Group, and start a mother and toddler group likely to be on Tuesdays..A community garden project is likely to follow this.. .
2) Discipleship groups will begin with the 1st of a 6 week discovery group for new Christians. This one on Wednesday afternoons in January 2019. Other initiatives planned will follow once a new pastor is in place.
Please note that it is recognised that we will not grow as a church unless we win the battle in the spiritual place.
From  2019 the first Wedensday evening of each month (Note exception: 9th January as church is closed on 2nd) will be an extended time of prayer in the church from 6.00pm until 9.00pm. We are asking for those who are able to fast to join with us in fasting on these days.

This is a note for the Springburn AOG church family.

Please register with the pastor which area of church ministry you feel you are called to and your willingness to assist.
Note Outreach has subgroups including overt evangelism, student outreach etc but also incorporates the Community Drop ins and the proposed new mother and toddler group and a possible food provision programe under Community Connect
Please indicate clearly if there is a special area within the broad headings which you feel you are called to.