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https://youtu.be/iSS4BKKosAU  Jesus , The Start and the Stop. Sunday am 15032020

https://youtu.be/vS77BAHlIMI  Turning back the clock. Sunday pm 08032020

https://youtu.be/hD-66Xk79bI  Jesus in Jude. Sunday am 08032020

https://youtu.be/TqM5KHP-Wh0   Enoch walked with God. George Mitchell, Sun pm 01032020

https://youtu.be/Ya6h9Crd1CQ Dear One, Remember the Name, The Word & The Truth sun am01032020

https://youtu.be/0xE6EU01T7U Seasons of Life. An evening with Jim at Garngad 29022020

https://youtu.be/Jq3JpEbTlYM Unstinting giving of ourselves to God Jim McLaughlin pm sun 23022020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRrmOhFziTg  Truth Lives with Love, Jim McLaughlin, Sun 23022020

https://youtu.be/8YoyN47gsW4 The finger of suspicion points at you. 16022020, Jim McLaughlin

https://youtu.be/Z5-dVW1lB14 Jesus is God in the flesh. Sun am 16022020

https://youtu.be/PM7Nok1KW0E  David Meikle, God is doing something new Sun pm 09022020

https://youtu.be/v53d3RVyGHc  Sunday pm 02022020 George Mitchell

https://youtu.be/A3aPTTOVKK8 Sunday am 9th February 2020 Jesus returning at the right time

https://youtu.be/LdA40d1pQYE Sun am 02022020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSLGcB3brZw Baptismal; Service Sunday pm 26012020

https://youtu.be/S8fSCwCrKFo Jesus in James. sun am 26012020

https://youtu.be/pgYRUgY44RY Stephen Robbins. “ Against all Odds” sun am 19/01/2020

https://youtu.be/nHtbY2OWk2M Fear not the people, John Leitch. Sun pm 12/01/2020

https://youtu.be/YDExrWEJPYA God is Faithful: Testimony S Robbins, pm 12/01/2020

https://youtu.be/pXR4hf6wpG0 “Don’t give up,” Stephen Robbins, Sunday am  122020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4940v-mxPm8&t=11s Stephen Robbins, a Fresh Start , Sun am 050120

https://youtu.be/-JzO3Lr8x5k   George Mitchell, Standing at the Frontier, Sun. pm 29th Dec. 2019

https://youtu.be/evyAcy7B75k  The God, Saviour, Jesus presented to Titus by Paul

https://youtu.be/ojM2AE6HdvU My Mother’s Bible, Sun pm 15th December 2019

https://youtu.be/WJ1vx2IU3fs Paul’s Faithful Jesus, Jim McLaughlin, Sun am, 15th December 2019

https://youtu.be/bX30BDDMjD4 Grace over discouragement, John Caldwell sun am 08122019

https://youtu.be/4eP_0Ju1MFc   The saying that is for everyone  Sun pm 01-12-2019

https://youtu.be/V4XNKw2rLB4  The Eternal, Pre-existent Jesus represented to Timothy, am 1st Dec 2019

https://youtu.be/LitnOcd-4do   Colin Cameron: Needing Light, Sunday pm 24th November 2019

https://youtu.be/e0u0ceQZH4Y Jesus who stands by us in persecution Sun am 24th November 2019

https://youtu.be/qwyQyX36K7o Jim McLaughlin “JESUS THE COMING DELIVERER Sun am 10th Nov 2019

https://youtu.be/W-II3KdSIiE  George Mitchell “Legion” Sun pm 3rd Nov 2019

https://youtu.be/rj3mJzyJQfw  Jesus in Colossians, Jim McLaughlin, Sun am 03112019

https://youtu.be/zFPKn85NdGw David Kinnon. “I see men as trees walking” Sun pm 27th Oct 2019

https://youtu.be/YFNC3aQ-cO4 Being Andrew: Jim McLaughlin. Sun pm 20102019

https://youtu.be/viSdJancxe8 The Gift, Jesus in Philippians, Sun am. 20th  October 2019

https://youtu.be/2UYdzLaH10I “My son give me your heart,” George Mitchell pm 13th Oct. 2019

https://youtu.be/aFEZ4__gVo0  Jesus in the Epistle of Grace Sunday am 13th October 2019

https://youtu.be/m4TcXjDX5cs Eric Scott: “ The Lost Son” , Sunday pm 6th Oct 2019

https://youtu.be/SAjvtuAMaGM  Jesus Freedom of Galatians   Sunday am 6th Oct 2019

https://youtu.be/GKgNMIZhuNI  The Comforting Scent of the Saints 29th September am

https://youtu.be/x2cnsAzbznk   Sitting where they sat Sunday pm, 22nd September 2019, 

https://youtu.be/5_eDauaPPgA  The Enabling Power of Grace, Sunday am, 22nd September 2019,

https://youtu.be/9He8WHay-s4  John Leitch. “ the Lord is with you” Sunday pm 15th September 2019

https://youtu.be/PPQPoIwBIdU    Jim McLaughlin Paul’s Unashamed Gospel of Jesus, Sunam 01-09- 2019

https://youtu.be/t4YLEYjUfVI    Martin Begley, Jehoshaphat’s Response, Sunday am 25th August 2019

https://youtu.be/CoqNaHHUyzw  Isaiah 24, Jim McLaughlin, Sunday 11th August 2019, pm.

https://youtu.be/t0erM2QRKKM Jesus visits Paul to instruct him.Sun am 11th Augist 2019

https://youtu.be/y8ztuH9U694 Jeremiah buys a field,, Sunday pm 04082019, Jim McLaughlin

https://youtu.be/9cCb89hWhj4 Jesus introduces Himself to Saul Sunday am 04082019

https://youtu.be/W89-3Ldi4R8 John Leitch. “ He Loves You !” Sunday pm 28th July 2019

https://youtu.be/M7bBtaL2h2U Like a little child Sunday pm 21072019 Jim McLaughlin

https://youtu.be/yoSC9NhcYpo Luke’s Jesus in ACTS (1) Sunday am 14th July 2019, Jim McLaughlin

https://youtu.be/Z6BYhdiG8Ds  John’s Jesus (Part 2) Jim McLaughlin, Sunday am 07th July 2019

https://youtu.be/PnPzAKsaJXM Alex Bedford preaching on 1st Corinthians 15 Sunday pm 30th June 2019

https://youtu.be/Wary_0VEhSY  John’s Jesus (Part 1) Jim McLaughlin, Sunday am 30th June 2019

https://youtu.be/1EENj24Hoak Looking at Luke’s Jesus, Sunday pm 23rd June 2019

https://youtu.be/wVdVcAJagwM  Remembering to Remember God, Sunday am 23rd June 2019

https://youtu.be/g7rBgmWgeZg   Testimony Time 6th June 2019 pm

https://youtu.be/CR970Zc4ptM  Mark’s Gospel Jesus  : Sun am 9th June 2019 

https://youtu.be/oETiuBhAZ7k   The Man who turns back death sun pm 19th May 2019

https://youtu.be/I8MBfLNWfco        Chuck Brewster Sunday am 19052019

https://youtu.be/YzegYLLkkog  Matthew , Kingdom gospel of the Jew    Sun am 12th May 2019

Word of Comfort . David Richardson's address at Sandra's funeral 10th May

https://youtu.be/yAzWFMYDUhU Gordon Thomson. & friends Sun 27th April 2019 pm

https://youtu.be/Vrj35AFKG7g Gordon Thomson. & friends Sat 27th April 2019

Gordon Thomson. Jesus said “ I am the way” Fri 26th April 2019

https://youtu.be/6k2B1Rew_FI  The Naked Man. Sun pm 21st April 2019
Click link below for sequel to this message
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzxXvEtf9D0&t=15s Sequel

https://youtu.be/mNrI_A93kiI Elaine's Easter Sunday Talk Sunday am
21st April 2019

https://youtu.be/fscRv67GrTE Bill McMurdo preaching on 14th April 2019
on 1st Timothy, chapter 2

Journey to Faith Sunday am 24/04/2019 https://youtu.be/K1DrPNGamsg

Jim McLaughlin words from the cross pm 0704 2019

https://youtu.be/mYm4F5QXFmQ  Lakshmi's Farewell pm 07042019

Sunday pm 07042019 7 words

https://youtu.be/q_h8mq_0VfU  Jean Clark Sunday pm 31032019

https://youtu.be/kxsAbzyJL8M  Jesus in Malachi Sunday am 31st March 2019

https://youtu.be/3htPl3bYrWE Bill McMurdo Sunday pm 24th March 2019

https://youtu.be/-8m3x_MwvjQ  Jesus in Zechariah Sunday am 24th March 2019

https://youtu.be/-kaIekhIhbA  Jesus in Haggai Sunday am 10th March 2019

https://youtu.be/rnP5gMdK42M  Broken Down Walls 09/03/02019pm

https://youtu.be/-ByxTFuak8E Jesus in Zephaniah 03/03/2019 am

https://youtu.be/1yfCMheSmCY Jesus in Habakkuk 17/02/2019am

https://youtu.be/32ljB4Uljxo  Jesus in Nahum 10/02/2019 am

https://youtu.be/Tc4dYKDe1V4  Jesus in Micah, 03/02/2019 am

https://youtu.be/-2Ce4eHsweo   Jesus in the book of Jonah, 27/01/2019 am

https://youtu.be/32sB-GpGRp4  Jesus in the book of Obadiah, 20/01/2019 am

https://youtu.be/jsOhYJQ0RxQ Jesus in the book of Amos, 13/01/2019 am

https://youtu.be/35-c5ajvsWg    Change , No change, 06012019pm
note reference to Miracle of sound at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTY9JimeXuw

https://youtu.be/j63mXcxZlPk Tina’s farewell, Sunday pm 06/01/2019

https://youtu.be/7lRvw-TkBTw Jesus in Joel,  Sunday am 16/01/2019

https://youtu.be/uw2Z2-NdF5w  Jesus in the Book of Hosea Sunday am 16122918

https://youtu.be/g1He6_mV6qA   Christmas refelections Sunday pm 02122018

https://youtu.be/x3IYKdl6tQY  Jesus in the Book of Daniel (1 0f 2) Sun am  02/12/2018

Jesus in the Book of Daniel (1 of 2) Sun am 25/11/2018 https://youtu.be/mXIRVRicsgI  

https://youtu.be/dbtn2pVj0KM  Jesus in the Book of Daniel (intro) Sun am 11/11/2018

https://youtu.be/lgY_4k5HhHI             Jesus in Ezekiel (2 of 2) 21/10/2018
watch below in conjunction with this message
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDeCWW_Bnyw   Reference to Read Scripture Ezekiel (2)

https://youtu.be/UOeLDVlhSOI Sunday am 28102018 John Caldwell speaking on Ezekiel 37.
watch below in conjunction with this message
https://youtu.be/k4_Gh9QbQYk Sunday pm  28102018 Colin Cameron speaking on the Power of the Cross

https://youtu.be/XF6ZoVHH9Sw   Jesus in Ezekiel (1 of 2) 21/10/2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-CIPu1nko8    reference to Read Scripture Ezekiel (1)

https://youtu.be/eSzImN5UXfU   Jesus in Lamentations 14102018

https://youtu.be/Ze8EdwGxiQQ   12 year daughters  Sun pm 07102018

https://youtu.be/agRmsXQ3I28Jesus in Jeremiah (2of2 )  07102018

https://youtu.be/32EII_hMDwg30092018 am Jesus in Jeremiah (1 of 2 )

230918   https://youtu.be/cKY1Bi2TjOs Jesus in Isaiah (2 of 2)

#watch this first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TzdEPuqgQg  Isaiah 40- 66

https://youtu.be/J7DqnZwEabs    Jesus in Isaiah (1 of 2 )

watch this first     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0A6Uchb1F8    Isaiah 1 - 39

https://youtu.be/3QRi5ORTP7A You must be born again

https://youtu.be/1DfmoaeGFFw Jesus in song of Songs

watch this first  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KC7xE4fgOw   Song of Songs

https://youtu.be/RBULskIREtc26082018am Ecclesiastes (2 of 2)

https://youtu.be/Pm_IO2VHWV4        19/08/2018 am Jesus in Ecclesiastes (1 of 2)

https://youtu.be/ujgRTJ8UKoA    12/08/18 pm Prudence avoids Danger. Jim McLaughlin

05/08/2018 am Jim McLaughlin: Jesus in the Proverbs (2 of 2)

29072018 am Jesu in the Book of Proverbs (1)

22072018am Jesus in Psalm 22

06072018pm Touching the Leper:

08072018.  The emergence of the Priestly King Messiah in Psalm 110

01/07/2018am Jim McLaughlin: Jesus in the Psalms (1)

24/06/2018 pm Eddie Kalouzie speaks about the Prodigal

01/07/2018am Jim McLaughlin: Jesus in the Psalms (1)

24/06/2018 pm Eddie Kalouzie speaks about the Prodigal

24062018 am Jim McLaughlin, Jesus in Job (Part 2 of 2)

17062018 am Jim McLaughlin, Jesus in Job (Part 1)

https://youtu.be/E1hyXdYpZwQ S
Sunday pm 10/06/18 Fearfully and wonderfully made Jim McLaughlin

Watch thiis first

Sunday pm  27/06/18 Bible Bones Jonathan Haney

Sunday am 10/06/18 Esther, Rising Star of Deliverance  Jim McLaughlin

Sunday pm 03/06/18  I know where I'm going     Jim McLaughlin

Sunday am 03/06/18     Jesus in Nehemiah Jim McLaughlin  

20/05/2018 am Jesus in Ezra  Pastor Jim McLaughlin

20/05/2018 Parable of the Sower  Dennis Tanner

06/05/2018 pm the Distraction and Doubt. Pastor Chris Lawrence

06/05/2018 am The Value of Faith, Pastor Chris Lawrence

13/05/2018 am & pmPastor Jim McLaughlin

Sunday am  11/03/18 One greater than Solomon (2)

Sunday am  25/02/18  One greater than Solomon (1)

Sunday pm  25022018/02/18Seven Blessings of the Resurrection

Sunday am  11/02/18 Jesus " Forever King"

Sunday pm  04/02/18 The Mark 2 Miracle

Sunday am  21/01/18 & Sunday am 4/2/18 Christ in 1st Samuel

Sunday am  14/01/18Bread of Heaven. Kinsman Redeemer

Sunday pm  07/01/18 Asking the way to Zion

Sunday am  07/01/18 Choices & Conquest (part 2 of Strong Man Delverer)

Sunday am  31/12/17Strong man Deliverer

Sunday am  29/04/18 He keeps me from harm Pastor Jim McLaughlin

Great ministry from David Kinnon on sunday am 22042018"Hold fast to the cause"

Sunday pm  29/04/18The Woman at the Well Gavin Harrison

Sunday am  18/03/18 Jesus in the turning shadows of 2nd Kings

Sunday pm  25/03/18 God's Protection. Pastor Alwyne Pearson

Sunday am  25/03/18 Jesus, Forever King Son of God in 1st Chronicles

01/07/2018am Jim McLaughlin: Jesus in the Psalms (1)

24/06/2018 pm Eddie Kalouzie speaks about the Prodigal

24062018 am Jim McLaughlin, Jesus in Job (Part 2 of 2)

Douglas Graham who took our RESPONSE course speaking on Phillipians
Click  photo above to hear
Lakshmy's farewell